The Story Behind Two Whisky Bottles...

Two Whisky Bottles is a specialty whisky concept that wants to make whisky accessible to those of you, who like us, love a good whisky. We retail a curated range of Scotch and Japanese whiskies, and continue to source for unique whiskies to complement and augment our current selection.

Why "two" whisky bottles? The company was founded on the belief that whisky can be enjoyed not just alone, but in the company of friends. Plus, after having experienced the joys of whisky, no whisky lover will stop at just owning one bottle. He or she will certainly own two whisky bottles and much more!


(And, the real story behind "two" whisky bottles is really because it was two very special bottles of whisky in particular which started our founders on their journey of whisky appreciation and exploration. Come by our shop if you wish to see these two bottles for yourself. Yes, they are still unopened and on display in the shop...)


You don't need to visit a bar or pub to get your dose of whisky. Come by our shop instead and whet your palate with our selection of whisky flights, or you can simply buy a reasonably priced bottle and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

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